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Meet the Health Centre staff:
  1. Karen Paul-Health Director
    Karen Paul-Health Director
  2. Derry Fontaine-WFN Councillor (Health)
    Derry Fontaine-WFN Councillor (Health)
  3. Amanda McIntosh-Exec. Health Assistant
    Amanda McIntosh-Exec. Health Assistant
  4. Melanie Madore-Community Health Nurse (CHN)
    Melanie Madore-Community Health Nurse (CHN)
  5. Melissa Sappier-Admin. Assistant
    Melissa Sappier-Admin. Assistant
  6. Holly Polchies-LPN
    Holly Polchies-LPN
  7. Luc Bourgeois-LPN
    Luc Bourgeois-LPN
  8. Samantha McLellan-LPN
    Samantha McLellan-LPN
  9. Tanya Anderson-Family Support Program Coordinator
    Tanya Anderson-Family Support Program Coordinator
  10. Chris Polchies-NNADAP
    Chris Polchies-NNADAP
  11. Kim DeMerchant-Family Support Mentor
    Kim DeMerchant-Family Support Mentor
  12. Michelle Gray
    Michelle Gray
  13. Amanda Paul-Howlett-PSW
    Amanda Paul-Howlett-PSW
  14. Lisa Kimball-PSW
    Lisa Kimball-PSW